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What is the biggest reason your potential customer says “no”?



Products Are a Dime a Dozen. Results That Matter Are Not. 

some of our clients - past and present

Below are some of our clients from 1996 to 2019 (23 years and counting!).

Products Are a Dime a Dozen. Results That Matter Are Not. 


A logo is not a brand, unless it’s on a cow.

A professionally designed, strong logo and a subsequent visual system is one of a corporation’s greatest assets. It needs to encompass and become the base that best communicates all the client’s endeavours. 

See more on our logo design page. 

graphic design

Designing the identity of any business through professional graphic design is a crucial business strategy. Graphic design done well, looks natural and easy. It hides the fact that there is a framework, a pattern – which, put there consciously and cleverly, unconsciously affects the beholder. The benefit to the business owner for whom we design is reverence by their target market – recognizing it as order, the reverse of confusion. See more on our graphic design page.  

web design

We teach you the criteria of good web design so that we can infuse these rules into your website so that, ultimately, you can gain your clients’ attention, engagement and trust.

We teach you the 10 major decision blocks that need to be overcome by any buyer and incorporate these in the design of your website. Objections follow a sequence. Understand this sequence and overcome their objections. This way you gain a happy, loyal client.

We create a template of your business by asking 10 simple questions. You get a website that leaves no doubt in the mind of your client that your business will solve their problems.

Once your site is done, will you get a pass from Google? We make sure you do.


Every successful business needs a specific philosophy with strong evidence for its effectiveness. Otherwise, predictably, you will establish yourself as a run-of-the mill business that spends all of it’s energy constantly running after new clients.

Because, as Benjamin Franklin said: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

The flaws of poor quality printing can never be disguised. Do not do this to your brand.

Scott Cook says, and I agree: “A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it’s what customers tell each other it is.” 

See all our printing services and products on our printing and signage page.


How do you find a toilet anywhere in the world?

Apart from your logo, signage is one of the key visual elements you should consider.

Signage is an essential component of managing your brand.

The variety signs, their purpose, and their placement is infinite. 

Outdoor signs are normally designed to draw attention, differentiate you from your competitors and landmark your location.

Interior signs can help customers locate merchandise, learn about promotions and other things you want to draw attention to. 

It’s important to choose the right dimensions and media to cater to the messaging you want to display in a way that gets the message across in 30 seconds or less.

See some wonderful examples from all over the world, to educate and inspire, 

promotional gifts

Any promotional item, whether it be gifts, clothing or packakaging should massively add to the perceived value of your products or services. Promotional items must ideally perform a marketing function for your business. Why else would you spend money on them?

This does not mean you must have a huge marketing budget or break the bank. It means that you must understand how to break into the hearts of your audience – take note, audience. Your client gets a gift, and by using it and talking about the company they got it from and the circumstances under which they received it, they widen your audience – for free. 

Promotional gifting done well can be referred to as emotional branding – if you get it right. Even a simple pen can do the trick. The secret is how, when, and why. Where was the client when he/she received the gift?

Creative brainstorming with us can lead to some wonderful ideas. 

To see examples of promotional gifts, clothing and branding options, go to our promotional page.


Make your corporate clothing work for you. With the correct choice of clothing and quality branding you are able to showcase the uniqueness and philosophy of your brand.  Show people what you’re all about.

People that wear your branded clothing are walking advertisements – and they do it for free. Embrace this. The best advertisement you can find are t-shirts, golf shirts and caps branded in a way that people want to wear them.

South Africans love sport. Advertise your brand with team and supporter sports clothing. We supply a wide range of on-field and off-field apparel in multiple styles and colours.

Workwear advertises, creates uniformity, protects and makes those who work in dangerous environments,  highly visible to others. We supply clothing for specific industries like hospitality, health & beauty, security, and construction. We supply footwear and safety accessories.


There is no point in spending money on excellent promotional items or clothing and then wasting your marketing efforts on bad quality branding.

Quality branding can massively increase the perceived value of any item you attach your name to.

We brand everything we supply:

  • embroidery
  • screen printing
  • heat press
  • direct to garment digital printing
  • debossing
  • embossing
  • pad printing
  • foiling
  • yag laser 
  • CO2 laser
  • doming

See examples of the different types of branding. 

packaging, labels & tags

Often, a really good product will sell itself, but it’s the packaging that sustains the sales. In a department store or on a grocery shelf, great packaging gives the product a competitive edge. 

The marketplace is overwhelmed by an avalanche of products that are often so similar, its hard to tell the difference between them. How does your loyal customer find the brand they’ve come to love? Packaging. How do you attract the attention of new users, and motivate them to choose your product above the next? Packaging

Creating stand-out packaging is a challenge that can make or break the success of the product itself. See some wonderful examples of packaging that entice, appeal, intrigue and excite.

Your packaging designer needs to:

  • understand design;
  • understand the dynamics of packaging;
  • how packaging functions in the life of buyers – not only on the shop shelf, but at home;
  • understand the product; and
  • understand the market the product is intended for. 

brand management

I like to tell the story I heard from Alan Dibb, on marketing:

The circus comes to town. You know this because you’ve seen the poster on the shop window. That’s advertising. The circus also advertises that on the coming Saturday there will be a carnival organized by the circus. Come see the elephants, the jugglers on stilts. Get free sweets, balloons and other exciting surprises. That’s promotion. So, you take the kids to enjoy the spectacle and happen to have a prime spot outside the mayor’s home. Alas! One of the elephants walks through the mayor’s prize rose garden. That’s publicity. The circus owner is quick to promise to replant the garden and gives the mayor and his family free tickets for every night the circus is in town. That’s public relations. That night, you get to the circus early. The tent is packed. No place even for a camel’s flea! After the show, the stalls have been sold out. That’s sales.

But, herein lies the kicker: the person who planned it all is the marketer!

Yet, marketing is only one facet of brand management. For more on this complex necessity in business, visit our brand management page, where we demystify and simplify the process for you. 

No business implements every aspect of brand management. The important thing is that you know what brand management entails and that you select the elements best suited to growing your business. The sequence in which you implement them is also important.

The facets overlap, and some are more important than others in any business. Every business is different.

Important: small business should never attempt to manage their brand in the same way big brands do. 

Contact us for more on this service we offer our clients.

social media marketing

We will assist you in building an authoritative content marketing strategy for social media. Content is the currency of social media.

To quote David Jenyns: “Authority content is the act of consistently creating and distributing information and stories to gain:

  • attention;
  • engagement; and 
  • trust

for a clearly defined audience with the objective of identifying who will benefit from your products and services.”

This is what we do for you.

The platforms we engage in on behalf of our clients are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Google+
  • Whatsapp

Companies engage in social media with a wide variety of objectives:

  • increase income – there are several ways to do this;
  • decrease expenses – there are several ways to lower advertising costs; and 
  • intangible benefits – like improving customer satisfaction; building a solid reputation; growing the business and others.

The goal is to create a tactical, yet practical execution plan that is aligned with your unique business strategy.  This plan is designed as a repeatable step-by-step procedure.

Contact us for more on social media.


Trying to succeed without us is like digging away at the  goldmine your business could be, with a teaspoon.

We thrive on helping you get the best possible results by consistently creating and sharing helpful information.

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