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Below the images we give some inside stories on how we did the the work, and what made it special.

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Visual Communication and Layout that Pushes the Envelope

This project was commissioned by the then Medunsa. A lot of work was done for this client. This project was special for several reasons. The time frame from receiving the brief to delivery was extremely tight – a matter of days. This was a menu and programme for VIP guests of the University.  I started of with a pencil sketch of the Union Buildings as the Meintjieskop Restaurant is in close proximity. The Union Buildings are also a tourist attraction. I then added colour in Photoshop, adding blue (Medunsa) and copper highlights. The event was an evening supper by candlelight. From the word go, I had Royal Quadrant stock (paper) in mind as it is a high quality paper, uncoated and has a beautiful texture. The way it absorbs ink would be perfect for results I intended. When printing, apart from the four CMYK plates, we added another for the metallic copper colour to be added. It was printed on an old Heidelberg that needed to be regulated manually. After running the first four colours, a second blue plate was run through the machine to deepen certain areas of blue. Then the copper highlights were added and the result was perfect. I want to thank Sunnyprint in Pretoria for assisting me with the printing. This project was awarded a SAPPI Gold Award.   

This project entailed a new logo, business cards and a pamphlet for the Melvin Residence which is a B&B establishment that is run from a house in Pine Street, Pretoria. I am quoting from  book Pretoria 125 written and illustrated by Hannes Meiring (renowned architect and artist): “The house reminds one of the ostrich palaces of Oudtshoorn and is a rather amusing conglomeration of styles that were popular at the beginning of the century.”  There was simply no better way to graphically illustrate the old world charm of this B&B without using the delightful sketch of the house (pg 88 in the book). Hannes Meiring was contacted and gave his blessing for the sketch to be reproduced for purposes of creating a logo for the client. A truly fascinating and amazing project. The cards were printed on 300gm white matt, coated stock of good quality.

This project was commissioned by the then Pretoria College. They owned the building known as Gallery Court. They were planning on holding a gala opening supper and programme for selected VIP guests. The premises had been renovated and redecorated. The rooms were cosy and upmarket. The B&B also ran a restaurant that was open to guests not sleeping on the premises. We were briefed to do all the stationery for the rooms, the menus, the wine lists, business cards, other corporate stationery as well as all the printed material for the Gala opening. Photos were taken for me by Cathy Jonker. The client considered having a new logo, but I so loved the quaint illustrative logo as it so cleverly depicted the building in its original state. I set about designing a visual subsystem that would complement the existing building and logo and would continue to work for the client well after the opening event. The menus and pamphlets were done in colour, but the rest in black and silver, or in black and grey, depending on the desired application of each piece. Once again, Royal Quadrant was used, because of the quality of the paper and the texture. It absorbs colour in a way that allowed me to create a rustic warmth when using colour. The silver (metallic) ink added just enough sophistication to a minimalistic design, without going over budget. Unfortunately this establishment has since changed hands.  

This is a cover for a profile that was intended to be distributed online. I have done many different profiles for this client and continue to work for her. The principle layout had to remain in line with existing profiles. I could play around with colour and graphics. The design worked very well and has remained one of my all-time favourite projects.  The logo had been designed by me some time before when the only services the client offered under the newly established holding company, were cleaning services. I knew at the time that more services would be added to her portfolio, but not which services. So far the logo has adapted extremely well to half a dozen other ventures within the holding company.

This was the first of many projects done for this client. The first part of the brief was to create a logo. Understanding a client is the first important step to meeting a brief. She is passionate about flowers and because of this ended up doing flowers for functions, weddings, funerals and more. All functions require food and also tables, chairs and other accessories. So she started hiring out items generally required when planning a function and catering. Weddings were a natural consequence of delivering flowers and food. Her personality is feminine,  whimsical, elegant and gentle. The colours, the font and the imagery all come together to reflect this. Not only does this logo suit this client like a glove, but it was designed to be extremely versatile without losing its integrity. A strong (good) logo is one that will stand the test of time. It is a principal part of the foundation upon which the brand will grow. The pamphlet was printed on 135 gsm white matt coated stock – a silky feel, yet not glossy. The format was chosen, as like Charter Grande, the pamphlet needs to be small enough to fit in a pocket of a handbag. She also distributes the pamphlets to outlets using the ubiquitous perspex holders. The pamphlet succinctly encapsulates her services. As this site gets updated, you will likely see more examples of work done for this client.

This client positioned themselves as an upmarket charter service. They catered to people requiring shuttles to and from the airport, business men and women who needed to be at meetings and other destinations, as well as tourists. They catered primarily for overseas tourists. The look they wanted was classic and up market, but one that would suit the tourism “feel” specific to South Africa with a plethora of wildlife and rustic scenery. They already had a logo (that required very little tweaking). The black and gold colour scheme we selected, created a luxury, up-market feel as well as indicating the gold-standard service offered by the company. The pamphlet was printed on a white 175 gsm gloss (coated) stock. Because the black needed to be really intense, the black was run twice. The pamphlet was designed as a Z-fold (A4 to DL-size) so that it could easily fit into the inside jacket pocket of a hurried business man, the handbag of a female executive and last, but not least, the perspex stands favoured by hotels, B&B’s and the tourist trade at large.

The client owned a sushi restaurant. The colours red, black and white were selected to suit the theme. The look and feel is strong yet zen-like. Circles and lines, not unlike those encountered in Japanese and similar gardens around the world. This banner was not a stand alone item as it was cone in conjunction with menus that are soon to also be displayed on this site. The banner was a roll up banner, for indoor use (Menlyn Mall), measuring 750mm x 1500mm. The design will be discussed in more detail when the menu (or sections thereof) are displayed.

This is one of a set of A1 posters designed for the interior of the restaurant. They were placed in flip frames so that the owner could swop previously and future designed posters as required. This one was just a lot of fun as the words fitted nicely to form the shape of an ice cream cone. This design was dependant on typography more than anything else. The other posters in this set were designed in keeping with the style used in this poster. The posters were printed digitally on a good quality matt, coated poster paper. 

This one sure brings back memories. These AO posters were designed to advertise different services offered by the bank at the time (this bank no longer exists). There were six different services and each poster was either in English or Afrikaans. Posters were printed for numerous branches. They reflect the personality of the brand and an existing visual subsystem. They needed to be designed within the constraints of the standards manual of the bank. They were printed digitally on high quality poster paper. This is an example of indoor advertising.

This project was commissioned by the Free State Government. The Free State Growth and Development Strategy/Vision 2030 is an ambitious endeavour. The project involved many meetings, briefings and a lot of research. We were responsible for the final copy, the layout, the maps (all drawn on computer), their legends, charts, diagrams
imagery & iconography. Photos were sourced from Media Club SA as well as Shutterstock. Some photographs were supplied by the client. This is only the cover of the 148 page document. Some of the inside pages will be displayed shortly. The cover was printed on 350gsm white coated, Matt stock and finished with a UV Varnish. The inner pages were printed on 135gsm of the same stock as the cover. The whole document was printed in full colour. Several 1000 copies were printed. This project took about 3 months from start to finish.

This client requested a logo and a profile depicting their services. They are a husband and wife team that offer hunting concessions and accommodation for hunters, many from overseas, seeking quality trophies. The look and feel of the pamphlet captures the essence of hunting, wildlife, and nature. The logo is reminiscent of a target as you would see through the scope of a hunting rifle. 

This was another fun project. Dr Visser is passionate about children and has a fun streak to her personality. The playful design was well suited to the way in which she positioned her practice. She also treats adult patients, but the design for the adult audience was more formal. The client required a logo which ended up being the little guy in the wheelchair. The cartoon imagery on the business card and corporate stationery depicts happy children in wheelchairs or with crutches, being assisted by other happy children. Orthopaedic surgery can result in months of discomfort, so the happy faces and bright colours were meant be uplifting. The little figures are designed so that the colours on the clothing, hair, wheelchairs and clothing could change if requested. The design works equally well in one colour (grayscale) for corporate stationery such as receipt books and other documents when booking theatres and admitting patients. The business cards were printed on 300 gsm, matt silk stock. The sick notes and prescription pads were printed full colour on 80 gsm cartridge (the same as typing paper).

This client was a very conscientious, professional, conservative, and well-informed business coach/motivational speaker. He also designed games and kits to increase productivity and business skills in the workplace. The poster is one of a set of 12 that were displayed in classrooms where he lectured. They were designed to fit in with the subject matter he taught and also motivate at the same time. This site is regularly updated and I am sure to include more of the posters in the gallery in the near future. We designed the logo, the A2 posters, business cards, letterheads, “tool boxes”, A4 certificates, folders and greeting cards with motivational quotes for the client. The A2 posters were printed on good quality poster paper; the business cards, letterheads, certificates, folders and greeting cards were all printed in two spot colours on Royal Quadrant. The “tool boxes” were intricately designed boxes made from sturdy stock with partitions and compartments. The colours blue and grey were chosen to depict reliability and his conservative nature.   The logo is an abstract shape depicting a person with outstretched arms – “reaching for, and achieving goals”. The slogan was determined by the client.

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