logo design client questionnaire

  • How big is your company?

  • What are the long-term goals of the company?

  • About the target audience

  • If your customers had to describe your company in one word:

  • About the branding

  • Some examples: Nike: just do it; Apple: think different; Coca-Cola: open happiness
    • How would you describe your business identity:
  • Brand

  • Design Preferences

    • Looking at other logos, what logos do you like?
  • Budget, Timeframe & Management

    • Finally, would you need a brand guideline manual (this is especially useful for large companies to protect the integrity of the logo, the subsequent visual system and the brand
  • Katy Cowan

    Adams Moroika (Logo Design Workbook) Marc English (Designing Identity : Graphic Design as a Business Strategy)
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